In the winter of 2013, on a cold and dimly lit parking lot, a group of modest trailers and motorhomes set camp for the week. On this night, a humble man decided to go outside and take a look at his surroundings.

As he closed the door to his rv, he noticed a big bright orb in the sky – the moon. It hang there, larger than life – glowing white and surrounded in cloudy halos. Inspired by this view, the man pumped his fist in the air. The moon, without missing a beat, pumped his fist back down to the man.

They connected. Wave after wave of lunar energy charged though the man’s body, crashing and colliding all crazy-like. Lunar powers, they hurt on the inside. Once the tremors subsided, the man could only muster:


After what felt like hours, he collected himself and found the moon was gone. “This means something.” he whispered. It was a sign, and he must tell his friends about this.

The man headed to another rv and knocked frantically at the door – “Yessss????” a high-pitched voice chirped from inside.

“Hey. Can I come in?”

Inside, he found his two friends playing an old video game. Between the game’s blips and buzzes, the friends would spout random nonsense that sometimes would resemble words.

“You guys!! I think I touched the moon. I think I have super powers or something…” the man stammered, still shaken from what had just happened.

“Oh yeah? What kind of powers?”

“I don’t know. I just feel different – like I can run fast or jump high…”


Minutes passed. The room reeked of disinterest. The man could no longer stand it.

“I’ll prove it. I’ll jump over your rv.”

Suddenly, all attention was on the man.

“Care to make it a bet?”

“Sure, but I just..”

“Ok, it’s a bet – if you can jump over my rv, you’re a super hero..”

“Wait a minute – I’m..”

“Yeah.. and we’ll be your sidekicks!”

“Wait, what? No, I don’t even wa-“

“.. and if you can’t…. you have to start a band with us.”


Six months and 24 stitches later, greybag was born.

A nomadic collection of touring circus musicians by day – by night a music group serving up rock, funk, soul, and gypsy folk sounds with a side of greens and mashed ‘taters. Yum!


Natalie Glynn


Allen Gerhardt


Ben Classon


Robbie Redding


Daniel Glynn


Gabriel Romero Jr.


Jeremy Papay


Special Guests